Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Last of the First Edition & First Printing

Age of Swords
Hardcover First Printing 
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Hey all, Robin and Sarah spent the weekend organizing our new shipping department in the carriage house we built out in the valley.  In doing so, we now have all our books organized and categorized. For those who have been asking about first printing and first edition copies...no, we don't have any Age of Myth left. The only copies we have here are 4th printing ;-(.

But...we do have 22 copies of Age of Swords 1st printing. Since there are just a few of them, we have set them aside and you can only get them from this page.  All future shipment of those books will be the most recent printing (which I think is on it's third printing)

We also have a VERY few copies of the original paperback editions of Riyria self-published books (including 8 "full sets" and a few extras here and there. If you are interested in getting any of those books, send us an email and we'll coordinate with you.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Advice from the mailbag: Write bad books

People often email me asking for advice about writing. I answer the questions directly, but as I do receive similar questions, it makes sense to post some of them in the hopes of helping other authors, published or aspiring.  Here is a paraphrased question I received recently:
I'm struggling with writing fiction. I find planning a book extremely difficult let alone a series of them. I have abandoned more than a few projects in the past, frustrated that I couldn't come up with good enough plot twists or how to satisfyingly end the book. Any advice?
Here is how I responded:
It is hard to remote diagnose, but my advice in how to avoid being discouraged about not coming up with good enough plot twists or a satisfying end, is to not try to write the perfect book. One of the biggest obstacles for aspiring writers is to think what you create must be great. All too often writers make impossible goals and when they fail, grow discouraged. It is highly unlikely that anyone can hit a home run the first time they step up to the plate; one does not make a symphony after their first piano lesson. 
What separates writing novels from brain surgery, (or more accurately one of the things)  is that no one dies when you screw up a book. It can take from eleven to seventeen years to become a good surgeon. It took me twenty years to become a decent writer, and that doesn't include the first ten years where I wrote three complete novels, dozens of partials, and a dozen short stories. That's what I did  between the ages of thirteen and twenty-three. I doubt too many kids get to practice medicine at the age of thirteen. 
Writing is insanely complex. All literate people can do it, so it appears easy, but while most people can whistle a tune, few can compose a jingle much less an opera. Even after thirty years, and more than thirty novels, I still learn all sorts of new stuff every day. Why? Because good fiction writing has so many facets, but at its heart is how you think, and how you communicate this using words. There is an infinite number of ways to do this, and as a writer you need to make millions of decisions, many of which will make or break a book. Only through trial and error, only through committing to your sub-conscious and muscle memory of the basics, can you hope to master enough of the complexity to get it right enough to succeed at making people love what you write. 
So don't sweat it. Write bad books. Write awful books. Make lots and lots of mistakes. That's how you learn. And never, ever, aspire to become perfect. To be perfect is to give up. Concentrate, instead on constant improvement, on learning, on doing better on the next novel you write. Give yourself the freedom to fail and you will learn to write.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

3 days left to save on Age of Myth

Thank you Del Rey for putting the ebook of Age of Myth on sale. This is making now a perfect opportunity to jump into the Legends of the First Empire, especially given that book #3 (Age of War) is just a few months from releasing. If you haven't picked up the deal yet, you need to hurry. It'll go back to $9.99 in just three days.  

And thanks to the thousands of people who have already read, and loved the books. I can't wait until you get Age of War, and I'm anxious to see what you think of the next installment.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Smashwords is running it's annual ebook sale where for 7 days various books will be either Free, or 25%, 50% or 75% off. I have two books at Smashwords and both can be read independtly of my other works. Here's a bit on each that is in the sale, sample chapters, and discount calls.

The Death of Dulgath: $2.50 Save 75% from $9.99 regular price (USE CODE: RAE75)
Three times they tried to kill her. Then a professional
was hired. So was Riyria.

When the last member of the oldest noble family in Avryn is targeted for assassination, Riyria is hired to foil the plot. Three years have passed since the war-weary mercenary Hadrian and the cynical ex-assassin Royce joined forces to start life as rogues-for-hire. Things have gone well enough until they're asked to help prevent a murder. Now they must venture into an ancient corner of the world to save a mysterious woman who knows more about Royce than is safe and cares less about herself than is sane.

Hollow World: $4.00 Save 50% from $7.99 regular price (USE CODE: RAE50)
Award-nominated sci-fi in the tradition of Heinlein, Asimov & Wells. He wanted to escape his problems. He wanted to see the future. He never considered what the future wanted.

Confronted with a painful death from cancer, Dan Sturges foregoes treatments to try an idea of his own. With nothing to lose but a few months of pain, Dan builds a time machine in his garage and pins his hopes on a future where his disease might be cured. How could he have known that what happens after he presses the button is more shocking than the eighteen car batteries he connected himself to?

Friday, March 2, 2018

Age of War is coming, and Age of Myth is on sale

Age of War (coming July 3rd) is just a few months away, and to entice readers into the series, Del Rey has lowered the price of Age of Myth to just $2.99.  That's 66% off the regular $9.99 regular price. I think if you've enjoyed the Riyria tales, you will like the Legends of the First Empire as well. I'm not sure how long the book will be on sale, I actually just stumbled over it today, but if you've not tried the new series set 3,000 years before the events of Riyria, now is a perfect time to give it a try.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

2 Days Left to Get Theft of Swords on Sale

As part of their "First in Series Sale" Audible.com has Theft of Swords on sale for just $6.95. If you haven't started listening to Riyria on audio, this is an excellent chance to give it a try.  This volume is an omnibus and so you will receive two full-length novels (The Crown Conspiracy and Avempartha) for less than $3.50 each. But you have to hurry the sale ends 11:59 PM tomorrow (Sunday)!

Tim Gerard Reynold's narration really shouldn't be missed. If you're not sure if you want to take the plunge. You can check out either of these free short stories. They are a great introduction to the world of Riyria (and Tim as the narrator) so you might want to listen to them first. Each is right around an hour and you can access them by clicking on the covers below.

Several years have passed since the war-weary mercenary Hadrian and cynical ex-assassin Royce joined forces to start their thieves-for-hire organization better known as Riyria. Things have gone well enough for the team as they do "jobs" for various nobles throughout Elan. Usually that means stealing something, but when a young heiress asks them to steal her…well, that's a first for the pair. All is not as it seems, but Royce is determined to get the bottom of what's actually going on. After all, he has his professional integrity at stake.

Originally released in the Blackguards anthology published by Ragnarok Publications, this is a standalone short story of 10,800 words (1 hour 18 minutes listening time) . No prior knowledge of The Riyria Revelations or The Riyria Chronicles is required to enjoy it to its fullest, making this a perfect introduction for new readers or a chance for existing fans to spend a little more time with old friends.


Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A thief, a candlemaker, an ex-mercenary, and a pig farmer walk into a trap…and what happens to them is no joke. When Riyria is hired to retrieve a jester’s treasure, Royce and Hadrian must match wits with a dwarf who proves to be anything but a fool. Difficult choices will need to be made, and in the end those who laugh last do so because they are the only ones to survive.

This is a standalone short story of 7,200 words (54 minutes listing time) . No prior knowledge of The Riyria Revelations or The Riyria Chronicles is required to enjoy it to its fullest, making this a perfect introduction for new readers or a chance for Riyria veterans to spend a little more time with old friends. The Jester is a story of adventure, bonds of friendship, and a recognition that the choices we make dictates the future we find.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Age of War Audio Recording Begins!

On Sunday, Robin and I returned from a little vacation in the Caribbean (St. John was hit last year by two massive hurricanes - one direct hit from a Cat 5 and a glancing blow from a Cat 4 but it's "back" and we couldn't wait to go visit it again).

While we were there, we were busily reviewing the printer proofs for Age of War (more on that soon). In addition, we had the recording of Age of War (yes, Tim Gerard Reynolds will once again be doing the narration) line up.  Recording was supposed to start on Monday, but it was delayed a few days due some family emergency issues with Tim...thankfully everything turned out better than originally expected.

We made it through the first 13.6% so we're off to to a good start.  Recording continues in just a few minutes, and it's great to be sitting in on the process. Normally, we would go to New York and be in studio, but with the travel to St. John we didn't book back-to-back travel.  We'll let you know how it's going, and in the meantime, if you haven't pre-ordered your copy of Age of War please consider doing so.